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"Brian has been my physical therapy trainer for about two years, during which time he guided me through a series of exercises and lifestyle changes designed to regain my strength and confidence during the recovery from debilitating influence of earlier leg surgeries and more recent hip replacement. His expertise, diligence and skill at devising exercises with materials he brought to my home, made our twice-weekly meetings challenging and rewarding.Throughout, I admired his skill and devotion in guiding my efforts towards recovery. He possessed that wonderful ability of challenging me to achieve what I thought was beyond my ability and the pride we shared when my attempts resulted in records. Brian was always punctual and accommodating to the need for changes in our scheduled meeting resulting from the vagaries of my schedule. Overall, in addition to the physical benefits I achieved, Brian has become a trusted friend, one who made our meetings not to be missed.
I would recommend Brian unreservedly to anyone seeking a qualified and committed physical therapy trainer."
Paul Berg
Age : 92
"My father is in his 80s and has had Parkinson's Disease for 16 years but has always prided himself on his ability to beat it. A year ago, his motor skills dramatically declined, and with that, his hope for the future. By some miracle, we found Brian, who started working with my dad twice a week. My father was very skeptical and initially resisted but everyone who sees him now marvel at how strong, fast, and mobile he is. Most importantly, my dad's optimism and fighting spirit have returned. Working with Brian has been nothing short of life-changing and one of the best investments I've ever made. I highly recommend Brian."
- Karen Y, Los Altos
"My father had back surgery in his late 70's and had diminished range of motion and balance issues after the procedure. He was also reluctant to maintain his own physical fitness routine. With my father's best interest at heart I contacted Brian in regard to his services to improve my dad's physical conditioning. Brian started working with my Dad 3 days a week. Everyone noticed very rapidly my father's improvements in his conditioning. Brian has continued to work with my Dad for over almost two years now. Brian has a great rapport with my Dad and his skills and understanding for the needs of older clients is outstanding."
"I have had the pleasure of being a client of Brian's for nearly two years. He is an outstanding personal trainer. He developed a customized training program for me and modifies it regularly to keep it challenging. Brian has extensive knowledge of the physiology behind the various exercise programs, and provides me with invaluable nutritional recommendations.
Brian is friendly and very professional. His Canadian good manners and upbringing are still very evident. Another extremely important personal characteristic is his punctuality. We have had hundreds of sessions and he has arrived within one to two minutes of the agreed upon start time for every session. You can set your watch by his arrival. At the same time we have done limited rescheduling based on my schedule and his. This flexibility is important to me as I occasionally travel on business and sometimes without much notice.
I strongly recommend Brian to anyone serious about their exercise program." "
Garry G. Mathiason
Los Altos CA
"If you are interested in feeling really super again, physically and mentally, you will find that a hard workout does it. Up until a few years ago, my wife and I went out for morning jogging. We came home full of vim and vigor. We went to work all ready for the day while our employees were drinking coffee to wake up.
We cannot go out and jog anymore, but starting our day with a fitness instructor like Brian just fills the bill. Just working out alone you don't push your self enough. Brian coaches us to do a little more, and we are progressing.
I have had two back surgeries to eliminate a pain in my lower right leg, and was planning for a third. I could not walk for five minutes. We were referred to Brian Doyle. I have been training with Brian for about three months and I am getting much stronger. I HAVE NO PAIN! I am a new man and I am about ready for golf again.
I have been working out since we moved to California in 1967. Brian is the BEST TRAINER I have ever worked with.
Sincerely, "
Paul Weiss
"Brian and I have been working together for half a year. He carefully evaluated my needs and developed a training program to match. During this time I have made great gains in strength and overall health and well-being.
Brian is very professional and personable. I appreciate his level of knowledge and insight. Although I consider myself a fairly self disciplined person, I find that working with Brian makes it much easier to keep to an exercise program. Brian is a great asset to anyone he works with and I can recommend him with no reservations.
David Ladd
Woodside, California